How to order a Portrait

If you wish to order a portrait there is a link to my Etsy shop just below, click on this and it will take you directly to Etsy, from there you can choose which one to order by clicking on the picture.

Here are the beings who support you in spirit.

Spirit Guides

Spirit guides are here to support you throughout your incarnation. You have one main guide who assists you throughout your incarnation and this guide will assign other guides to help you in your life on a long-term or short-term basis depending how they are assisting you. Your guide not only gives you guidance, they can also heal, teach, inspire and protect. Their main purpose is to help you fulfil your soul purpose and learn the lessons you came here to learn in this lifetime.


Archangels are great beings of light and love who exist beyond time and space, outside of any religion or culture. They are able to view your life from the past, present and future in one stream of energy in the present moment. This enables them to offer powerful guidance and enlightening new perspectives.

Ascended Masters

Ascended Masters are spiritually enlightened and self realised beings. They have overcome the limitations and challenges of earthly incarnations achieving union with the Divine. They truly understand what its like to be human having incarnated many times, therefore they are able to guide and teach you how to overcome limitations and the challenges you face on a daily basis.

Animal Guides

Animal spirit guides have their own wisdom and teachings to guide you on your journey here on Earth. They will also bring protection and comfort in times of need.

Aspects of consciousness that can also help you.

Past Lives

Having a past life portrait is not just about being curious of who you were in a previous incarnation, it can also help to re-activate knowledge and skills you may have used in that life time to use in your present incarnation that may prove useful for either personal or work related experiences. It can also help you understand where you may have developed natural abilities you have come to use in your present life or why you have an affiliation with certain places and people you have met.

Higher Self

Your Higher Self is the awakened aspect of yourself, that part that is pure and untainted by judgments, opinions, beliefs. It does not view life from distorted filters tainted by past experiences such as pain, rejection or abandonment. Nor is it a reflection of your wishes or expectations. Connecting with your Higher Self aspect can help you to see the bigger picture enabling you to see possible solutions to problems or issues you may have. It helps you to clear the pathway to manifest your desires and dreams faster as well as discover your personal truth, your authentic voice.

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Inner Child

The inner child is the aspect of yourself which helps you to experience innocence, joy, and creativity. This aspect reflects the child we once were both in negative and positive aspects. Connecting with your inner child aspect can help you to tap into unmet needs and supressed childhood emotions which more often than not can hold you back in adulthood if not faced. It also offers an opportunity for increased self-care, raising your self-respect and help you to be creative and playful. If you are in the process of healing your inner child having a portrait will help you to develop a stronger connection with this aspect, enabling you to receive greater support with the inner child healing process.

How I connect with your spirit team and aspects.

How I connect with your spirit team and aspects.​

If you choose to engage in my service I normally ask for your full name a photo of yourself, some information such as: work, interests, issues. This helps me to connect with the being or aspect you have requested to connect with. I will ask my artist guide Lydia to use me as a channel, she will then draw through me the being or aspect requested by the customer. I do not see the being, I just start drawing and it begins to evolve on the paper. I do however, get flashes of images and information coming through as I draw the image. The images are normally drawn on A4 cartridge paper using Coloured soft pastels and pastel pencils, though I do offer to draw them in pencil as a cheaper option. The energy of the being will be impregnated into the portrait so when you gaze at the image you will connect with energy of the being. The portraits are all unique and personal to you. There are four options to choose from these are: Colour Portrait with reading, Colour Portrait only, B&W Portrait with reading and B&W Portrait only.

This work can be done via distance or face to face which I normally do through attending Mind Body and Spirit events throughout the year.

Spirit portraits also make wonderful gifts for friends and family and the process is the same as for yourself.

Portraits will be sent in the post so I will require an address to send them to. I can send a digital version via email whilst you wait for your portrait to arrive. Shipping times can vary depending on where it is going. In the UK it can be a few days. Australia, America or Canada up to two weeks. I can normally complete orders within a few days but at times there may be up to a week waiting list. I would let you know when you order a portrait.

I normally post the picture and information about the spirit being on social media for marketing and promotion purposes unless you state otherwise. Your personal information would be kept confidential.

How to order a Portrait

If you wish to order a portrait there is a link to my Etsy shop just below, click on this and it will take you directly to Etsy, from there you can choose which one to order by clicking on the picture.