Healing Sanctuary

The healing sanctuary is the place to go, when you are feeling out of sorts and your energy is low.

A chamber filled with crystals and vibrant coloured hues – of orange, red, green, purple and many shades of blues.

Infusing your whole body with vibrations of rejuvenating power, sprinkling lightly upon you, like raindrops in a shower.

Whilst sparkling crystal clear water flows gently at your feet, for you to sip at your leisure, it’s nectar - cool and sweet.

A scent of calming lavender imbues the sanctuary air, to relax and bring peace, to relieve you from despair.

The sound of celestial melodies whisper softly in your ears, clearing away any illusions, anxieties and fears.

All in all it is a very special to visit, an experience to hold dear in you heart.

For you will be completely transformed and ready to make a new start.

J.Keall 2.1.13

Nature’s Bountiful Harvest

Nature’s bountiful harvest,

provides us with all our nutritional needs.

From the plump juicy apples,

to the small humble seeds.

Observe the wild creatures

foraging for this food, growing all around.

In the trees, in the hedgerows,

or on and under the ground.

They are our teachers

who remind us of what we once knew.

That the most natural grown food sources,

are what’s best for me and you.

J.Keall 31/3/13

The Winds of Change

The winds of change bring disruption

a storm to cleanse the old.

It’s time to make a stand,

to be brave and bold.

Wavering not when the winds batter

harshly at our door.

It’s a time to seek that inner strength

residing at our core.

Go forth with courage and

let nothing stand in your way.

Let truth be your beacon

to guide you through each day.

J.Keall 21/2/12

Keep the light burning

Keep the light burning,

Don’t let it fade away.

Rise above your troubles,

to view the bigger picture this day.

For all is not what it appears to be

There is so much more behind the scenes.

It’s just a matter of looking deeper

to go beyond the mind made screens.

Be the alchemist you truly are

transforming metal into gold.

Great gifts are hidden within everything,

its surprising what truth they hold.

J.Keall 5/4/12